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All of the ministries offered at Lombard Christian Reformed Church are provided for the purpose of growing our faith and love in Jesus Christ. They are also designed to build fellowship with each other and to provide an opportunity to reach out to the community. We offer many different ministries for all ages and interests. For a list of all our outward ministries, please begin by viewing our ministries page.

Interested in a particular ministry?

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Volunteer Opportunities    Volunteer Opportunities

Service Opportunity
Friday Night Connect is a combined program between Villa Park & Lombard schools, churches, police and community groups to reach middle school aged students with a positive peer gathering on Friday nights at various locations in our area. From 6-8 pm adult volunteers are needed to be chaperones. If you have a heart for middle school aged kids and can offer a Friday night a month to help, please talk to Pastor John.

Network of Nations
Airport pickup for NIU students from O’Hare needed. Contact Ginny Jupp at 630-202-8089
Outreach Community Ministries
The After School Program meeting in our church from Tuesday – Friday is looking for volunteers to help the middle school kids and be something of a big brother or big sister to them while they are here.Here are some ways we can serve. If you would like more information talk to Pastor John or use the email link at the bottom:
Volunteer Opportunities with After School Program (York Community Resource Center)
“Specials” Leader - Do you knit, do art, build, sing, dance, play a sport?…we are looking for folks who have a special skill you could share with our after-school students!
Wednesday afternoons: 6th-8th grade 5:15-6pm (at Lombard CRC)
1st-5th grade 4:30-5:15 (at the Resource Center at 1420 S Meyers Rd).
Study Mentor - Assist 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students as they work on homework and academic enrichment activities. Study Mentors get the chance to be positive role models and build lasting relationships with students through working with 1-3 students at a time during the academic hour to help students stay on task, work on homework, and learn study and homework habits.
Tuesday-Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm (at Lombard CRC)
Classroom Helper or 1-1 Tutor - assist in our 1st-5th-grade classroom, either as a 1-1 tutor helping an individual student with homework and academic enrichment activities or as an aide who jumps in anywhere needed!
Monday-Thursday 3:30-5pm (at the Resource Center at 1420 S Meyers Rd)
If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact YCRC Site Director Alethea “Lathie” Norton at 630-474-1797 or

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