Our History

The Beginning

Our congregation's roots can be traced back to May of 1912 when members from the First Christian Reformed Church of Chicago and Douglas Park Christian Reformed Church saw the need to start an English speaking church, since most of the churches in the Dutch community performed their services in their native language. Sixteen families began gathering at a store front at 2231 12th Street in the Dutch community known as West Chicago, by September the congregation had grown to forty-three families. On October 3, 1912 the Twelfth Street Christian Reformed Church became an official congregation under the leadership of Rev. J. H. Mokma.

Initial Growth

The church grew quickly, outgrowing the storefront within two months, and leased a nearby church until construction of a new building was complete. The name was changed to the Third Christian Reformed Church of Chicago. The church continued to grow at that location for 10 years. 

Moving West

As its members started to expand to the western suburbs of Chicago the congregation decided they would sell their property and move west to Cicero. On November 22, 1925 the First Christian Reformed Church of Cicero held its Inaugural service. The congregation thrived in Cicero for over fifty years. It became known as a progressive church, open to change, which attracted lots of young people and families.

Lombard Roots

During the 1960's the westward expansion continued and when the Christian school relocated to Elmhurst, a lot of families with young children followed suit. In 1969 the congregation acknowledged that a tough decision would have to be made. After prayer and research our current property was purchased in Lombard. In 1976 under the leadership of Rev. John T. Ebbers First Christian Reformed Church of Cicero became Lombard Christian Reformed Church.

100 Years

In October, 2012 we proudly celebrated our 100th anniversary of Lombard Christian Reformed Church. Click here to read an article in the Lombardian.

Continued Blessings

Lombard Christian Reformed Church has been in Lombard for almost 40 years now. This community has formed, challenged and shaped us into the congregation we are today. Lord willing we will continue to grow and evolve with this community while making an impact for many years to come.


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