Capital Campaign

"Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you."
~ 2 Timothy 1:14


-- This page is intended to provide helpful information and periodic updates on our progress --

How Can I Help?

  • Please pray for a spirit of stewardship for our congregation and for wisdom regarding the projects
  • Make a pledge - all gift sizes are greatly appreciated -- Download pledge card
  • Give to the General Fund first

      Your campaign gifts should be above and beyond your current general fund giving

  • Share your gifts/talents to reduce project costs

How Can I Give?

  • In regular tithing, indicate which portion is intended for Capital Campaign
  • Donate via the Givelify App

        See below for instructions on how to download and use the Givelify app 

Why a Capital Campaign?

  • The current church demographics have us just meeting our obligations with little funding of the capital improvement fund
  • Giving has in some ways shifted to program/cause based
  • Dedicated congregation that rises to the call in specific situations
  • Previous capital campaign to fund the sanctuary, narthex, outdoor sign and South patio projects was highly successful

Why Now?

  • Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall projector replacement
  • Church currently has no debt
  • Air conditioner and parking lot projects can wait a few years, but now is the time to act
  • Dedicated congregation with a small but steadily growing group of new attendees and members
  • Our pastor has provided good and faithful leadership and people are responding

Campaign Details

  • Approximate goal = $400,000
  • A line of credit funded the immediate/urgent needs and available if needed throughout the project

Possible Projects
Note: Projects are not listed by priority

  • Video screens and equipment – $57,000
  • Parking lot – $24,000
  • Air conditioners replacement (5 total) – $120,000
  • LED lighting church – $12,000
  • Roundtables fellowship hall (15 total) – $8,000
  • Library/Choir room remodel – $20,000
  • Children’s wing remodel (safe church) – $20,000
  • Ice rink board replacement – $8,000
  • Outdoor lights for south lot – $4,000
  • South bathrooms – $40,000
  • Narthex decorated – $10,000
  • Kitchen remodel – $26,000
  • Garage – $26,000
  • Misc labor – $25,000





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Thank you from the members of the Capital Campaign sub-committee:

Paul Jarzombek, Howard VanDyke, Laura Tazelaar, Wayne Postma, Karen Veldman, Jim Kooima, Garrett Swierenga, Kevin Fischer, Ron Kovar (bids), Al Terpstra (bids)