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Feb 15, 2015

Throwing Rocks or Catching Grace

Passage: John 8:2-11

Preacher: John Huizinga

Series: A hypocrite! Who, me?


A Hypocrite! Who, Me? Part 6 - Throwing Rocks or Catching Grace


Any honest person will admit to instances or even patterns of hypocrisy in one's life: old or young, person of faith or not, doesn't matter. We each and all admit to inconsistencies, cover-ups, rationalizations, looking good instead of being good, and more. And if we wouldn't admit to it a person close to us could do that for us. The good news from John 8 is that we don't have to live that way. We can live in a healthy relationship with god and others. In fact, we are made for a healthy spiritual life in which we find meaning and purpose to bless others. In John 8, Jesus doesn't give up on those with blatant failures in their lives, or with those who are self-righteous hypocrites. He leads in such a way that new life and restoration can result where only condemnation was expected. The Pharisees come into the situation with rocks in their hands. Then one by one they drop them, and exercise mercy. Faith begins by letting go, starts the old praise song, and I wonder what rocks we each carry that it's time to let go of and drop to the ground.