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    Feb 01, 2015

    Getting Beyond Performance

    Passage: John 1:1-21:25

    Preacher: John Huizinga

    Series: A hypocrite! Who, me?


    A Hypocrite! Who, me? Part 4 – Getting Beyond Performance: What do I get if I’m good?


    A writer in Christianity Today wondered if this is how we think life works. Both people who live by faith and those who don’t all have our lists, our moral codes, and our ethical behaviors. And we tell ourselves if I'm good, God will be good to me. Jesus shocks us by saying to that kind of thinking, 'Woe to you!' Life is not a performance review where it's all about you thinking you're ahead of the curve or near the top of the class. And while everyone is busy showing how good, important, strong, or accomplished each is, Jesus goes on to compare himself to a mother hen. "How I long to gather you under my wings like a hen,' he says. Why? What good would a chicken be when danger threatens? The only thing a hen can do is die for her young. Exactly. We're all about performance and it leads to woe. Jesus is all about sacrifice, and it leads to eternal life.