Website Help

Need Help on our Website?

Requesting a Church Website Login

If you have not yet created a log in for the church website, here's how you can request one.


1.  Click on Member Section across the top of the homepage.


2.  Scroll down to just below the Member Directory and you will see a link to request a new member account.


3.  Fill out the form with as much information as you can.  Once done click submit.


4.  You will receive log in information to the email you have entered on the form as soon as it is approved, usually within 24 hrs.  


5.  Once you have your log in, you can go in an edit your profile and look at any member only pages of the website.


If you have any problems or need help feel free to contact the communications committee.


Receive Email Newsletter

Are you receiving our weekly email newsletter?  If you are not, it's easy to get on the email list.  Here's how:

1. Click on "subscribe to receive emails" on the bottom of the home page.


2.  Fill out your information on the form and hit "subscribe."  That's it! You will now be receiving our weekly emails.


Update Directory Profile


It's easy to update your information on our church directory, follow along and we'll show you how it's done.


1.  You need to log in to your account on the website.  Don't have an account yet?  Here's how you can request one.


2.  The easiest way to get logged in is to Click on the Members Section across the top of the home page.


3.  Click on Member Directory and that will take you to the directory.


4.  You can find your profile by clicking on the first letter of your last name and scrolling down until you find yourself.


5.  Click on your profile, when it opens you will see an "edit my profile" link under your information.  Click that.


6.  Now you can update any information you would like.  When done click save on the bottom.


7.  If you want to add/change your picture, click on the "picture" link across the top. Then choose a file from your computer and click save.  


8.  That's it.  Your information should now be updated.  If you run into problems or need help feel free to contact the communications committee.