Life Groups

Ministry formerly known as Small Group

Is God nudging you to get connected with other believers, to find a small group that shares and encourages you in your spiritual journey? Life Groups are small groups of men and women from all generations of life who meet regularly and walk through life together, focusing on fellowship, care, accountability, study, and service.

God made us for community. Community on a deeper level is hard to do on a Sunday morning. Life Groups allow smaller groups of people to connect more deeply with fellow believers in Christ, to uphold and encourage each other in our faith walk, and be there for each other in the ups and downs of life.

Are you seeking a safe place to share your life burdens and the challenges in your faith? Are you looking for a group of fellow believers who can share in the joys and victories in your life? Are you longing to be challenged in your faith in Jesus and grow in your knowledge of the Bible to strengthen your spiritual life? Joining a Life Group is a great way to meet these needs in your life.

The Life Group ministry year is typically mid-September through May. This coming ministry year, all of our groups will be studying The Apostles Creed, a 12 lesson study on learning and going deeper into this creed that is so important to our church. We would love for you to join in on this study and be a part of the Life Group ministry. 


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